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Function of Life?

This one is inspired by a personal journey I am on. Ever since childhood I wasn never a tidy type. I always had better things to do than to think about tidying or sorting out my room. Maybe its because it was magically getting tidy by my mom, and Ive never really suffered the full effect of it, maybe its because I was never really at home, always meeting friends, playing outside, school etc.

But now that I have 3 children and spend a lot of time at home my tidying seems to have become a never ending battle for my sanity. It affects my ability to focus on my work more than ever, and the overwhelm that comes from it is sometimes debilitating. I have tried to follow books and organise my spaces, but I guess it is like doing your own psychotherapy, someone from the outside needs to gently guide you and shine the light in the right direction. So, I am doing just that, inviting a pro to help me out. But let me tell you why we can find mess so overwhelming.

It all begins from the fact that our brain is designed to solve puzzles throughout life, to make many analytical calculations and decisions in short amount of time. But the interesting thing is that the more small puzzles it has to solve, the fewer big ones it can handle.

By puzzles I mean the necessary things like "what should I have for breakfast" or "what time do I leave the house", as well as everything our brain meets in the way like a pen lid on the floor - "where is the pen?", socks and pants on the bathroom floor - "someone has to pick that up". But the ones you least expect are things like an odd pattern on your rug, an abstract painting that isn't naturally harmonious, street signs or advertising on busses. These things take over the bandwidth we have available for our day to day life and create system overload before we can even start.

I invite you to look around you and note things are catching your eye and making your brain detect and try to solve a puzzle. Is it laundry hanging on the furniture, that makes domestic chores the first thing you see, could it be that poster that you don't even like anymore, let me know in the comments.

The more our environment distracts us from the important things, the more complicated and overwhelming our life becomes. See what you can eliminate from your attention field right now to make a difference.

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