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Where are You Right NOW?

My recent observations of people around me made me wonder how many of them are actually present in the here and now?

Some people I know say that they have read "The Power of Now" and know what it is. But how many have actually tried it and practiced it to the point of being really present in their life most of the time? One?

When clients come to me they often complain about not being able to be in a quiet room left on their own with their thoughts, or they can't focus on reading a book, the mind instantly takes them somewhere else and they lose track. And some of them hope that I will confirm that its just the way they are, that its just their character, and get very disappointed when I tell them that its a case of "horse riding the rider" that only self discipline, practice and determination will help.

Our mind is a tool given to us to process information and actively work with experiences when we need it to. However, in the age of shot attention span and mental overstimulation, the tool becomes loose and begins to interfere with craftsman's ability to create. It will recall events, interactions, negative memories from the past, keeping you away from reality, as well as create possible pictures of the future to prevent you from ever going there. It will take you to your work desk while you are in a yoga class, or make you angry about your husbands socks left on the bathroom floor when you are trying to comlete and important project. Anything to protect you from facing the real life, the things that are around you, the things that need addressing here and now.

Imagine how many opportunities, beautiful life moments, and incredible nature views went past you unnoticed just because you were floating around some situation from the past!

It's up to us to take back the reigns and full control over our mind, but it requires work.

Here are some simple steps how you can start practicing full presence in your life and even little progress will reveal so much to you that you will want to go on.

  1. Set a timer on your phone and stay fully present in a room you are in with your eyes open. Take in everything that is in it: textures, objects, scents, sounds, light and see how long you last before your mind floats away in to some distant situation. The average attention span is around 20 seconds, which is shorter than a reel! No wonder many peple live surrounded by mess, chipped paint, broken objects. They don't see them long enough to want to do something about them. So the goal is to do this every day and try to expend your presence a little more each time. Try to note down what suddenly came to your attention in you surroundings, have you discovered anything unexpected?

2. Sit down outside with your eyes closed and focus on your body, feel every bone, muscle, organ and entire srface of your skin. Notice how your body it touching the bench, feet touching the ground and keep your attention there. as a little challenge you can foucus on the wind or sun on your skin, the sensations from every breath, the scents or sounds that surround you. The longer you can keep focus on the sesnations and presence in that moment, the closer you get to becoming the master of your own mind.

Let me know what you doiscover while practicing and if you need guidance to go further.

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