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What is The Birth Review?

The Birth Review is an opportunity to look back on your birth experience, examine the unanswered questions, any unexpressed worries or concerns, and be completely heard, felt, and understood.

We will work together to release any emotions or trauma related to birth that you have been holding on to.

Newborn Baby

Who is it for?

The Mother

Birth is a life changing experience, and sadly sometimes it can result in feelings of upset, distress, and even trauma. What happens during the birth can have long lasting effects, causing issues such as axiety, depression, poor self-esteem, difficulties bonding with your baby, and fear of pregancy or childbirth.  The Birth Review will allow you a safe space to explore the specifics of your babys birth, and unpick any unresolved emotions that come up. 

The Baby

During a birth review session we take a look at your own birth, and how that may have shaped your future. As we know a traumatic birth can lead to the mother experiencing issues such as difficulty bonding with the baby, or excessive worry. These experiences from our own birth manifest in later life. The Birth Review is an opportunity to look deeper into your own birth, the emotions you associate with this, and stop the cycle. 

The Partner

Partners may feel distressed by a birth experience too. Feelings of being out of control, unable to speak up, unable to take away their partners pain or distress, are all common for birth partners to experience. 

I welcome partners to attend The Birth Review session so we can work together to unearth those often unspoken feelings, and let them go. 

For You?

Are you ready to take responsibility for your life and face the ties to the past that are holding you back and whisper words of doubt and fear in your ear?


We will use the power of imagination, feelings and emotions to record new images of yourself, the future and the journey. That's how creation of new life can begin from a new solid platform of confidence and self love.

The Path

You can finally stop being the prisoner of circumstances, or your past, and live fulfilling and happy life. The power of creativity  becomes truly yours.

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