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Whagt is Mind Body Therapy?

This multicomponent therapy is aimed to reduce or entirely dissolve the illness and its symptoms by working with its psychological root causes and by improving your mental health.

If we consider a disease to be a message rather than a curse we can interpret its meaning and establish the points in the past that were emotionally charged, got stored in the body and are now expressed through the health problem. The messages are often very simple and literal, we just need to look and listen. 

Mind Body therapy can help with: 

  • Birth Trauma - see The Birth Review

  • Accident Trauma

  • Headaches & Migraines

  • Anixety

  • Lack of self-esteem

  • Medical related Trauma

  • Stress disorders

  • Gastrointestinal disorders

  • Trauma related to separation or loss

  • Sleeping disorders

  • Much more


We might get a temporary relief from medical treatment, however if the psychological issue isn't addressed the problem will most likely return or shoot out in a new way somewhere else in the body. Mind Body therapy can be very effective on its own as well as a complimentary therapy to go along side your allopathic treatment.


Fascinating Theory 

The Body

The Human body is an incredibly well designed vessel that has many safety features. If not used properly, or used as default setting, these features can override all of the other systems and take control of our mind and soul. This takeover if often manifested in anxiety, mental illness, depression, lethargy, lack of motivation, inability to complete tasks, or physical symptoms, etc.


All that is a heavy filter made out of painful or stressful experiences from the past, which, if not addressed, will become the driving force behind your choices, decisions and health. 

But! According to research, the body doesn't know the difference between what really happened or  just very vividly imagined and lived in the realm of thoughts.


And this is where Psychosomatic Therapy comes in. It helps to go into the bad memories and peel away the feelings and emotions, release the rage and anger, express the fear, the pain and anything else that needs to come out. Reprogramming of your relationship with the past is possible and is incredibly effective. We can't change what happened to us, but we can change what and how we feel about it. Conversion of bad memories into wisdom and neutral experience is the key to healing.

The Freedom

Following trauma or a shocking experience, or a long term exposure to mild stress can hold us back from trying new things, doing something that is a little scary, but exciting, it can make us stay in an OK but familiar situation and keep us away from true happiness.

Psychosomatic Therapy can help liberate you from the stories of the past, remove the filters that are cloud your judgement and  are ruling your choices 

The Process

The process holds many components, first, I use a specific techniques that help us find the exact moment if time we need to look at.

Once key programming conflicts are found we will use whatever it takes to express and release the feelings that are stuck. It might start with a light hypnotic induction followed by visualisation/regression into the situation, and once the feelings and sensations in the body start to arise I will use a variety of methods to help the client to fully clear the emotional blockages in the body and retrieve the part of themselves that remained trapped in the conflict all this time.

Whatever it takes - movement, drawing, voice and even trowing object - to feel the weight fall off the shoulders.

For You?

Are you ready to take responsibility for your life and face the ties to the past that are holding you back and whisper words of doubt and fear in your ear?


We will use the power of imagination, feelings and emotions to record new images of yourself, the future and the journey. That's how creation of new life can begin from a new solid platform of confidence and self love.

The Path

You can finally stop being the prisoner of circumstances, or your past, and live fulfilling and happy life. The power of creativity  becomes truly yours.

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