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What is Psychosomatics?

Having now offered Psychosomatic Therapy to my clients for over two months I realised that there is still a large number of people not familiar with it. There are so many Somatic movement practices out there that things often get confused, so I think its time I explained.

Psychosomatic approach to all illness as well as behavioural patterns is all about finding the programming moments in life - the moments that still hold strong emotional charge and keep popping up in our lives without us even realisng it.

In the perfect world, and that is the world of animals, you dont get a gazelle having panick attacks after a single chase by a tiger, or rabits don't hide in their burrows and never come out again just because they were chased by a fox. This is because animlas do not play tough, they don't have to "keep their shit together" they don't have to come across as nice or calm or as a good girl. They just do whatever is necessary to release the hormones of stress from their system by listening to their body and shaking, stretching, making noises, breathing etc. and move on with life.

Being social humans full of interesting and curious ideas about the "right ways to react" we often deprive ourselves of these incredible release mechanisms and stuff the feelings from a stressfull situation deep into our body where we can't see them. And we might not see them for a little while, until the next time a similar situation happens. It might not be life threatening anymore, it might just be something completely unrelated, but the emotional charge is similar and the stuffed feelings come up to the surface clouding your judgement and altering your behaviour.

With time these hidden feelings will keep nudging you harder and harder and, if you still havent looked in their direction, they manifest in the body as physical illness.

In Psychosomatics the illness is the only available way for your body to scream that there is something that needs looking at, it is the best possible way it could deal with the unbearable stress it has been under, and found the safest possible way to get rid of it, or to help you cope with it.

The more we fight the symptoms and the illness, the more we stuff things further away and any temporary relief from medication or operations has a good chance of relapsing of popping up in a new location.

The psychosomatic approach to healing is about harnessing the fact that the body and our psychi created the illness for a reason, so the same two components can reverse it as soon as we release the stuck feelings, and there is no longer a reason for the illness to exist.

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