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Anger doesn't exist!

A bold statement, I know! You will probably say that you only just experienced anger in traffic or when you saw your husbands pants left on the bathroom floor again and that it definitely exists.

But I would like to offer you some food for thought.

Anger is one of those feelings that gets stuck in our body and has strong effect on our muscles, nerves, facial expression, breathing and abdominal organs. It is most common cause of headaches, breathing problems, bad circulation and pain, and much more. But what if we could see anger as a source of answers and resolution potentials?

In Psychosomatic Therapy anger is considered to be a combination of FEAR and PAIN, and every single time I explored my own anger I always found at least one of these components.

Every time you feel angry try to ask yourself these simple questions:

  • WhatI really need is...

  • This is hurting be because...

  • What Im actually afraid of is...

By breaking your anger down using this simple tool you can dissolve the accute feeling as well as come to some incredible realisations about how you can take responsibility for your own emotional state and change things for the better.

Discovering your own truth opens up new horizons in life, ways to navigate relationships and available options.

Anger only exists if you let it!

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