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You Can Be Born Twice!

Birth and its effect on ones life often seen as something from the world of women, after all we are the ones experiencing the pains, the transition from one state to another, we are the ones suffering from unnecessary medical interventions and have many subtle traumas throughout the process of pregnancy and birth.

I have news for you! Birth affects us all in more than just physical way. It affects men, women and all those in-between. And the best thing is that no matter how fucked up your own birth was, you can re-birth yourself and re-write your story from the very beginning.

The first time I've experienced re-birth practice, I wasn't expecting it to have such profound effects on my life. The layers of doubt, fear, lack of control lifted once I differentiate my own feelings and those of my mother. At the time of pregnancy and birth we are so entangled with our mothers that their feelings, emotions, struggles become our own and we often drag them through life perceiving them as our own.

Birth is our first right of passage in life and the one that sets us up for overcoming obstacles and difficulties with the innate knowing that it won't kill us and there is "light at the end of the tunnel", however, if this process was in any way tempered with, our initial program isn't there, and in its place we end up needing external validation, confirmation that we are doing it right, we might not finish what we started, or have other "character traits" that don't serve us well in life.

The good news is that there is a way to re-birth yourself and give yourself an opportunity to re-live all the steps of the process, taking charge of how your life begins and moves forward from his point on. You can separate from external programs that came from your mother, what the doctors said at the time or anything else that got tangled in by accident.

By seeing the birth as something that, first of all, you need to happen to start your life, you can re-live this process from the position of a grown up, taking the available circumstances and facts and working with them to achieve the best possible result for yourself.

Its no wonder that this practice exists in every ancient culture around the world, its importance and the difference it can make to ones life is priceless.

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