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This practice is designed to connect to your Divine Feminine Source full of infinite possibilities and explore the magic and power of your rhythmic cyclical nature. We will create a visual masterpiece that will be there to remind you of times to rest, to act, to re-new and to complete and then start over again.


What is it all about and how does it work?


It is about intertwining your own cycle with the cycle of the moon and the seasons, making perfect sense of the complex woman’s nature and the power we were given at birth.

The process will begin with creation of geometric structure that will become the energetic framework that unites us as women, it is inevitable, it is constant and it is always the on.

The structure will be supercharged with images, colours and feelings that are very personal to you and how you perceive each phase of the cycle. This painted, drawn or collaged piece of art will be alive and move with you throughout the flow of phases and remind you of what energies are available to serve you at each stage. 


Even if you aren’t currently physically cycling due to health, age, pregnancy or any other reason, you still have the cyclical energy flow and it can just be tuned to the moon or to your own rhythm that you will get to know and feel throughout this practice.

Who is this practice for?

  • those wishing to understand their cycles

  • anyone wishing to keep track of their prime energy and down times

  • anyone wishing to become more productive and magnetic in divine feminine way

  • anyone wishing to quit the vicious circle of burnout and overwhelming feeling of “not doing enough”

  • anyone wanting to visually remind themselves about the divine feminine nature and imprint the image into their subconscious

What if I don't have a cycle?

It isn't just about the period, it is also about your inner rhythm that is there no matter what age or stage of life you are in. Those without clear indication from their body like teenage girls who are only just stepping into the next beautiful stage of womanhood, or post menopausal women could  overcome the turbulence of these sensitive stages by tracking their new rhythms and tuning into their Infinitude.

  • pregnant women wishing to keep track of energy and moon

  • nursing women looking to be more in tune with the moon and gently tune back into cycle of your own

  • women who recently underwent medical procedures that affected their cycle and who wish to find the rhythm.

Transformation from the practice:


  • re-connection with your feminine nature

  • knowing your cycle and energy fluctuation within it

  • fine-tune your rhythm of life to your natural flow

  • become aware of the never ending opportunities of new beginning

  • learn to love your period!

  • a masterpiece to place on you altar



What you get in the practice:


  • 4 hours of transformational art process

  • Guidance and technique as well as creative options to express your rhythm

  • Infinite support from me and other Infinitudes

Investment  £85




Explore Infinitude of opportunities

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