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Image by Taelynn Christopher
Image by Jakob Owens

Conversation, movement, art... whatever it takes!

A session can turn into anything that works best for you to express and release the stuck feelings and emotions. Starting with a conversation we will explore the particular points in life that are causing the issues in the present, use movement to release physical blocks and draw the things that are difficult to put into words.

My speciality is healing woman's souls and bodies with movement, art and conversation. 

Having taught yoga for over 15 years I became most fond of working with women and mothers.Both often devote so much of their time and energy to caring for others that they often forget about themselves.


My yoga practice is designed for women in any stage of life, be it is recovering from recent birth or finding self after several years of intense devotion to upbringing their children, those budding into womanhood or those approaching menopause and ultimate wisdom. Every stage of life, including loss, separation or any sudden unexpected change can be supported with yoga practice.


My approach is all about learning to listen to your body, nurturing the strengths and acknowledging and addressing the weaknesses that might have appeared after pregnancy and birth, or anything else that life might throw our way.


Dynamic poses and gentle stretches help release any emotional tension and worries that might be trapped in the muscles and tendons and help escape the vicious circle of burnout, anxiety and emotional overload.


My gentle yet powerful sequences work on deep muscles and tissues encouraging strengthening and relaxation, rebuilding of core stability and improving flexibility through exhalation and trust in your body.

Get in touch if you would like 1-1 session designed just for you.



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