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The Power Boots

I have these boots that I call The Power Boots. They are cool and certainly get a lot of attention, but for me they hold a very special power supercharge that makes me feel unstoppable.

These boots came back with me from my recent trip to Istanbul where I went to meet with my father. It was a meeting like no other as this was the first time when we had a heart to heart and I stood fully in a role of a daughter and spilled all my troubles to him. And for the first time I fest fully supported, listened to and understood.

The following day we went to the boot maker and I picked these amazing crazy boots that I was planning to buy, and again, this was the first time when I didn't feel like I am doing something unnecessary or ridiculous, I felt like my desire to express my wild side was fully supported. In the end my Father gifted these boots to me and said that every time I wear them I shall feel the power of our entire ancestry behind me. Yes, almost like "You shall go to the ball!" ))

And I do, every single time I wear them, this electric charge comes over me, and I feel generations of experience, bravery and bold moves supporting me anywhere I go.

The point of this story is that we shouldn't underestimate the power of amulets and objects that hold special meanings to us. They are easily created and can be that little step that helps you feel empowered and changed in difficult situations as they will instantly bring back the emotional state and remind you that you CAN. Eventually you will fully embody that power and will no longer need the object, so there isn't any dependency or giving your power away, just simply a reminder.

It can be anything you've made or purchased, and the power only needs to come from you, whatever it is you need it to signify and remind you of.

Do you have any objects of power? Please share in the comments.

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