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What's Happening Here?

Hello, my name is Sasha and welcome to my world of therapy. Here you can learn all about my Mind Body Therapy offerings as well as explore my artistic side and look at original artwork, order prints and sign up to my mailing list to stay connected.

I am a Psychosomatic Therapist and Hypnotherapist in Wadhurst offering online and in person healing sessions.

If you have been wondering how to:

  • Heal trauma from the past.                   

  • Move forwards after a traumatic birth,

  • Overcome prolonged stress exposure,

  • Heal an annoying chronic illness,          

  • Address fertility issues.                            

you came to the right place. Having practiced as a Yoga Therapist and specialising in women's health and fertility for over 15 years I have realised that often the roots of the problems hide much deeper than just our body. This inspired me to explore the world of psychology and I never looked back.

Now I want to share what I've learned so far with you. 

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Whatever it takes to help you 

My healing approach combines precise algorithms of psychosomatic therapy to find the programming events in your life, movement and sounds to physically release those stuck emotions and body blocks, finally - art therapy to express the unspeakable or if words just aren't your thing. 

There are two ways you could work with me.

1-1 Mind Body Therapy Session


Get to the bottom of any health issue or life situation with precision of a surgeon. 

Deep and effective sessions to get to the root cause of your problem, be it chronic, or autoimmune illness, or any health issue that you are ready to let go of. We will look at specific points throughout your life and turn those emotion fuelled memories into neutral sources of wisdom, releasing you from the grips or circumstances and tough events and putting you in charge of your life and health again. These sessions run between 1 and 2 hours.

The Birth Review

Newborn Baby

A powerful reflection on your birth experience: work with me to process and understand its impact on you.

The Birth Review is designed to give you an opportunity to deep dive into your experience of birth. Both how your own birth has shaped you, and your experience of giving birth, or witnessing birth as an adult. Birth can be a beautiful experience however sadly for many birth can bring feelings of  upset, distress and trauma. Feelings that we can carry with us for a lifetime. The Birth Review will help you to explore the root cause of those associations, and work to let go and release those feelings. 


Serious Conversation

1-1  Session only £65
- The Birth Review 
-Mind Body Therapy

 Get in touch to book and discuss your needs and wants. I can help you transform painful memories, stress and traumas into wisdom and neutral experience.

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Wadhurst, East Sussex, UK

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